Flexible Ticket

Doesn't it seem like you take a shot in the dark when trying to choose the exact departure date of your flight? If it does, then the Flexible Ticket option is сertainly for you.


When it's Better to Opt for a Flexible Ticket

Everything depends on the situation or events that might potentially prevent you from attending the flight on time.


Flexible tickets (also called 'Flexi flights' and 'open tickets') are named due to their special allowances and perks. For example, when purchasing a flexible ticket option, you automatically get the opportunity to make changes to the booked flight departure date and time without being overcharged by airlines.

The most common reasons for possible no-shows or cancellations:

  • Flexible Ticket Delaying flight for personal or business reasons
  • Flexible Ticket The necessity to flying earlier than planned
  • Flexible Ticket Unpredictable changes on your schedule
  • Flexible Ticket Possible medical issues

If you worry about having any of these reasons on your plan - go for the Flexible Ticket option and protect yourself from unexpected changes that might cost undesirable extra charges.

How You Can Benefit from This Option

Let’s find out how the Price Drop Protection really works.


If you wish to rebook a ticket to another departure date or time, you'll only pay the difference for the new fare.


When the price of the new booking is the same or even lower than the previous one, you’ll not have to pay any costs.


To make date or time changes there’s no need to cover any additional charges, such as airline or processing fees.

Essential Things You Should Know

It's important to make a flight change request with our Customer Care department only. If you're going to change or cancel your flight with the operating airline, the option will be considered consumed.

You can't change the departure or destination place - the flight segments should be used in the same order as they've been originally booked.

Keep in mind that any booking change cost depends on seat availability so that if the requested change results in more expensive airfare, you will have to cover the difference.


When the Flexible Ticket does not apply

  • Flexible Tickets Upgrades to a different booking class or a different cabin
  • Flexible Tickets Name corrections, name changes, or ticket transfers to other persons or carriers
  • Flexible Tickets No show-ups or missed connections
  • Flexible Tickets Pre-selected seats, additional baggage, insurance packages

Frequently Asked Questions

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Bottom Line

Life is continuously changing — especially when it comes to booking a trip.
The offered service bundles will help you to prevent sudden expenses when unexpected circumstances come up. It will bring you the most flexible booking experience and the most reliable customer support available for all your travel needs 24/7.